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In the early 1950’s the Frandino family founded Sedamyl, a simple fruit distillery (Seda).

From the earliest stages, the company’s growth has been characterized by dedication to maintaining its core values. It has become the leading Italian producer of wheat-based products for the food and paper industries, as well as for fermentation

Sedamyl’s position in the market has been reinforced over the years by partnerships with important international companies in the sector.

Today the company is a partner of Tereos.

Sowing Innovation

For Sedamyl, innovation is synonymous with research and constant development.

This strategy has been realized by using state of the art technologies that ensure the highest levels of eco-compatibility and meet top product quality standards.

In the early 1990's Sedamyl introduced a co-generation cycle which guarantees the highly efficient and ecologically sustainable production of electric and thermal energy. By using natural raw materials and ingredients and reusing all of the by-products, the company reduces its waste output and minimizes its environmental impact.

Our Values

Respect for the environment and social responsibility are of the greatest importance in all of Sedamyl's activities.

Also paramount for Sedamyl is safety in the workplace. Employee safety is guaranteed through a series of detailed procedures that are a part of the Safety First philosophy.

Moreover, Sedamyl is an active supporter of local cultural and environmental projects that valorize the territory in which the company was created and has subsequently grown and developed.